Organize Now! Week 3

Week 3 Organize You Schedule

This week was pretty easy for me because I don’t have a whole lot going on. I use the calendar on my iPhone instead of buying one. I like that because I have it configured to where it automatically updates my computer via iCloud.

You can find other weeks goals here.

This weeks goals:

1. Buy one daily planner to use for both work and your personal life. Using more than one leaves room for confusion and overlapped appointments.

Done. Using the calendar on my phone.

2. Sit down with your family and plan your week/month ahead of time so you can:

  • Schedule babysitters
  • Divide errands
  • Plan meals
  • Divide chores
  • Plan driving arrangements for activities

This is done, sort of. Since I am changing jobs I am trying to get used to all my new found freedom, and figure out just what to do with my time 🙂

3. Gather all your To Do items from sticky notes, calendars and scraps of paper (don’t forget to collect those you store in your mind!), and create a To Do list that you keep in your planner. Make this list as complete as possible.

My list is pretty huge, and I have been adding to it by the day. I am using the reminders app on my phone to keep track of my To Do list.

4. Sort your To Do tasks by:

A: Tasks that need to be done this week. (e.g., pay electric bill). Schedule these in your planner.

B: Tasks that need to be done this month (e.g., buy a birthday present, send a thank-you note). Schedule these in your planner.

C: Tasks that you would like to get done in the future (e.g., have lunch with a friend). List these tasks on a separate piece of paper to refer to when you have extra time.

I did all this in my reminders app and just made three different lists (A,B,C).

5. Once you have your tasks sorted into categories, number the tasks in each category, in the order in which they must be accomplished. If you get all of your A (weekly) tasks done and you have time, you can tackle a task from the B (monthly) list or even C (future) list. If you don’t get all of your A tasks done, make those unfinished tasks top priority for the next day.

6. Schedule your dentist and doctor appointments for the next year, and veterinarian appointments if you have pets. Schedule kids’ pediatric appointments and family members’ dental checkups back-to-back so you can make fewer trips.

7. Place a small notebook by your bed for those nights you lie awake thinking of things you need to do. Write the down and get some sleep knowing you’ll put them on your To Do list in the morning.

This one, I honestly did not do. I am fortunate enough that I do not have this problem. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I am out like a light.

8. Use a page of your planner for a long-term To Do list. This could include gifts that need to be delivered, borrowed items that need to be returned, movies to rent, books to read, etc. When you write these things down, you free yourself from the worry of forgetting.

First thing on the list was to watch Catching Fire when it comes out in the fall 🙂


The calendar was easy, because of nursing school, I am used to keeping a calendar. The To Do list is going to be a little harder because I am not used to keeping one. In nursing school I tried to keep one and would spend a lot of time setting one up just to set it down and not look at it again..