I Don’t Know Where To Start…

Oh my gosh, I kind of dropped off the face of the earth. First of all, I have been working crazy over time, like 14-24 hours per pay period (2 wks). I have been picking up every shift that is offered. This has benefited me in two ways. Hello, amazeballs paycheck, the other is recognition by management.

I love the overtime but as I am writing this, I am getting ready for a 16 hour shift and I am dreading it big time.

A bunch if big things have happened in my life in the past month or so. I could write pages on them but I will give the quick version πŸ™‚

I bought a Jeep. I have wanted one since before I could drive. It was either my 16th or 17th birthday but someone in my family gifted me a Hot-wheels Jeep as a joke. So, I finally have my dream car and I love it! I love going off-road and mudding. We have taken it to an off-road park that’s about an hour away and had a ton of fun. Action shot lol:


And here is a video also from that trip:

We are planning a couple vacations this year that will involve the Jeep. I can’t wait to share them!

We also became bona-fide cattle ranchers. Really, we bought three and we are keeping them at my in-laws. We lost one last week but here are the other two.

Arn’t they the cutest?!

The next picture is of me feeding the one we lost 😦 so sad. Thinking back we think he was sick when we got him.


So there is the lowdown of the last month for me. I have a couple more pretty cool things to share but I have to get dressed for work so I will make a separate post for those. The hubs and I were talking about how things seem to be coming together for us! It’s an exciting time πŸ™‚


Crazy Ride

Wow! Today was crazy at work. First of all, I moved to days and full time instead of PRN nights. I worked one hall myself today. No training for the day shift, just thrown out there on the day district and state stopped by. There is a huge difference between days and nights. There are WAY more meds to pass and more treatments and way more distractions and just stuff in general going on. I didn’t eat, drink, pee, or sit down for my entire 8 hour shift. But I got it all done and I was only there an hour and forty-five minutes after my shift ended. I have a really great boss who helps me be confident lol. It’s a hard job to take care of 25 dementia patient’s for 8 hours! I got a great education and did really well in school and clinicals so I know that I can do this. Sometimes, I just have to remember that and channel my inner energy and run!

First Day of Work

Ugh, I am exhausted. I really didn’t do a whole lot so I don’t know why I am so tired. Just orientation (I had so much about Alzheimer’s to relearn) and then after lunch I followed the CNA’s around. That was part of orientation so that I could get to know the patients, and I am not allowed to touch a patient until I have had 8 hours of orientation which is company policy. Tomorrow I will start training with the nurse. I will be on the 6a-2p shift tomorrow and then starting Sunday night, I will be on the 10p-6a shift. There is a resident who groans when he sleeps and it sounds like a ghost. No joke. It is going to make working nights super creepy! I have no clue how I am going to remember everyone’s name. NO CLUE. There are 51 residents. Oh get this, there are 4 house cats who live there! It’s like it was meant to be. Anyhow, I’m gonna make this short and sweet cause I have got to get things done and get to bed early since I have got to be up there at 5:45 in the morning.


Job hunting is exhausting! I have been out dropping off rΓ©sumΓ©s for the past three days. I even went out in this:


The problem is, a lot of people are scared to hire a new nurse. I think I have two PRN jobs but I much rather have one full time job. The only two people I know from my nursing class to snag a full time job got one in a physicians office. I have no interest in working in a physicians office. I didn’t go to nursing school for a year and learn all sorts of cool stuff to take vitals all day.

Just venting. I really, really want to work πŸ™‚ I want to start practicing and developing my skills and be a nurse! And to be honest I also want a pay check LOL.

Entering Final Semester!!

So, I have made it to the final semester in my nursing program! I passed all my classes, and best of all, I made the deans list again! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Actually best of all is that the last semester is only 10 weeks long πŸ™‚

I went back and read the post I did after my first semester and I talked a little about loosing students. This semester was a lot harder for everyone. I know I had to work a lot harder. This semester we lost 7 people! It has been a very sad and stressful week. It’s crazy but this next semester is supposed to be a lot better. The teachers say it is just practicing everything we have learned the last 9 months.

Bad news: I failed the math test (I get two more chances). I made a 92% and we had to make a 95% to pass there is 25 questions and I miss two of them. What that means is that I had to do a remediation class, I have to take the test over, and I got a 2 point deduction off my clinical grade for next semester, and I cannot pass meds until I pass. If I fail it a second time, it is the same conditions as above. If I fail the 3rd time, I fail out of the program. I know what I did, and it was a stupid rounding mistake(there are different rounding rules in dosage calculations due to using syringes). I did the math right all the way up to the rounding. It was so frustrating because while I was working the problems, I was doubting the answer. It just didn’t seem right to round ML to a whole number and thats what I thought it was asking. I am almost positive that I will not need the 3rd chance. Anyhow, I was pretty devastated when I got the results back but I am ok now. It’s not that big of a consequence just yet and I am positive I will pass it the next time with a 100%.

Because so many of us failed the math test this time around and we cannot pass meds my clinical instructor had to redo the clinical schedule to put those who passed on med-surg. So, I start clinicals on Monday and have no clue where I am going! A big mantra in my nursing program is “be flexible”.

Other news besides nursing, tomorrow I am going to a shooting range what rents out guns so that you can try before you buy. I am finally going to get a gun since I have had my CHL for a while now πŸ™‚ I am having trouble making up my mind between a revolver or a semi-automatic. I just don’t know what to do! I have never shot a revolver but I just think they are so cool. I will tomorrow though and I guess I will make up my mind then.

Oh, yesterday I taught Bentley how to play dead! I point my finger like a gun and say bang and he will roll on his side like he is dead! It is so cute. And the cats are getting more used to him, they will get closer. Shelby smacked him on the nose yesterday. I didn’t find a scratch on him but he was backing her up into a corner and I wasn’t watching them but I heard a yelp and turned around to see Bentley running away. He doesn’t want to hurt the cats he is just bigger and more rowdy and it scares them.

Since this has become probably the longest post I have ever written I will end it and throw in a picture πŸ™‚



1: I took my math test yesterday. The one I have to make a 95% on to stay in nursing school. I don’t have the results yet, and it pretty much killing me.

2: I took 2 finals (+ the math test) yesterday and I have 4 more and a check off next week. Ugh.

3: I am writing this from my backyard because I am out here with my NEW PUPPY!


We adopted him Monday from HALO, which is an organization that goes and rescues dogs from animal control and places them in foster homes until they get adopted. He is about 15-16 weeks an they believe he is a Black Mouth Cur mix. He is such a great dog. His foster mom had house trained him already and had him sit, lay, and shake on command. He is just a puppy so he is extremely hyper and jumps and bites a lot. We are trying to teach him not to bite us when he gets excited. My cats are tolerating him but still won’t let him get too close.

Here he is sleeping with me πŸ™‚


His first trip to Petsmart.


Sleeping on daddy.


And his first dog tag πŸ˜‰


Having a dog is much different than having cats. It’s a lot of work, but we love him and all his energy!

The Pressure is On

Yesterday I went through and filled in my calendar for September. I know a little late, right? Better late than never. My last final for this semester is September 26th and we start the third semester October 1st. All we get is a four day break! So anyway, I have about three weeks left and writing everything in my calendar yesterday made it real. This is supposed to be my hardest semester of the LVN program. I am feeling the pressure. I have a math test on September 21st that I have to make a 95% on or I get kicked out of the program! And we are getting 30 minutes of instruction/help with the content! Seriously 30 minutes, we are doing that tomorrow from 8:30 to 9:00 and that is the only day we have with the instructor. My grades this semester are not as good as last semester so i am probably not going to make the deans list again. I am pretty sure i am going to pass though, as long as i can get a dang 95 on that math test. So I might be a little cray cray these next three weeks.

On another note, it is insane how much I have changed this last year. My entire outlook on life is different, my interests are different, my friends are different, everything. Eight months ago I would have been scared shitless to touch a Foley. We started practicing them in the lab today, no big deal. Sterile technique used to stress me out like crazy and now it is like second nature. There was a time when I thought I would not be able to give someone an injection and now I pray my patient needs a few. When someone tells me about a symptom/s they are having I have to look it up and try to guess at a diagnosis. At home I am looking up nursing stuff more than Facebooking and I just ended up deleting the Sims game off my computer because I don’t have room for it and ALL my powerpoints, objectives, and clinical narratives. I don’t have time to play it anyways. I don’t think I changed this much in middle school and highschool combined. This year had been the hardest, most stressful, most rewarding, best year of my life. This is one decision I made for myself that I will never regret.

So anyhow, here is a picture of me getting a Foley Catheter ready in lab today πŸ™‚