How To Pass The NCLEX

I took the NCLEX-PN but I think this advice will help for both NCLEX-PN and the NCLEX-RN. This is also advice you have probably heard before and I am just going to reiterate it.

1. Learn the material throughout school. I mean to actually learn the material, not just memorize it for the Β test and then let it slip from your mind. This will not only help you pass the NCLEX but keep you from lawsuits or even worse, hurting a patient later on when you are practicing.

2. Schedule your test for as soon as possible. You should have gained all the tools you needed during school so you shouldn’t need extra time to learn anything else. All you need to do is keep the material fresh on your mind.

3. Study your way. If you have passed nursing school you know what works for you. For the most part, I did questions from Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN CD and the back of the chapters of the book. I took my test about 3.5 weeks after graduation and I must have done about a 2000 questions (thats less than 100 a day).

4. Lean on your nursing school friends. They are the only ones that really know what you are going through. Make sure you are there for them when they take their test also.

5. DO NOT pick up a book the day before or the morning of the test. You have been preparing for the day for the last few years. You’ve got this.

6. Relax. This is an exciting day, don’t let nerves ruin it.


Update on 30 by 30!

It’s going to be a long one because so much has gone on lately!

First of all I would like to introduce the newest member of the family:


Her name is Mercedes. She is another rescue, who was in a foster home. They believe she is a Shepherd/Rottweiler mix. She looks like neither to me but there were 7 puppies and she was the only different one. The others either obviously looked Shepherd or obviously looked Rottweiler. She also has the Rottweiler walk. She is super cute and just loves us. We picked her because when we walked in she ran straight to us!

Bentley loves her too!









I marked off what I have accomplished on my 30 by 30 page so I will just go down the list with updates.

1. Graduate nursing school. Boom, done! Such an emotional day. The ceremony was amazingly beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

6. Get rid of stuff we don’t need. I am actually still in the process but I took out 4 trash bags of stuff we didn’t need yesterday!

7. Get extensions. I wanted these for graduations and didn’t get them until after Christmas but I still like them. My cousin (who is also my hair lady) talked me into clip ins. She said she would do sew ins if that’s what I wanted but the clip ins last longer and don’t damage your hair. So that’s what I got. I really like them. They take just a couple minutes to put in and I straighten, curl, and wash them just like my real hair.


12. Score something awesome this Black Friday. I got my hubby an Android Tablet and a fish radar that goes on his fishing pole for Christmas! Pretty good scores in my opinion!

21. Buy two new sets of sheets. I went to TJ Maxx (we just got one in my town and it’s pretty darn awesome) and got a set of Ralph Lauren and a set of some that were a little cheaper but we love them way more. I really wish I could remember what brand they are so I could get another set.

30. Read books for leisure. Since this post, I have read 5 books for fun! I am a little over half way through my 6 πŸ™‚






My most recent was a short book on how to save money on groceries. I can go to the grocery store and spent $100 a week and we still eat out half the week. It is ridiculous. So I am in money saving mode. I just took inventory of all food in my kitchen and I am going to do a month meal plan. After I get a good portion of it used, I will start doing weekly meal plans using the weekly sales ads.







This was also a short book filled with tips on how to save money. Most of it was common sense stuff that you should already know. There were a few good tips that I have not thought about. Like, an LED TV is more energy efficient than an LCD TV.






I didn’t really get a whole lot out of this book. I think some people might but having already gone through nursing school, there wasn’t a whole lot that I didn’t know.






I am not sure what my preoccupation is with young adult books. Maybe I am a little immature. Its a little sic-fi. A lot like The Hunger Games. I really liked this though. So much, that I am on the third in the series.






I am counting Free Four as the second book in the series. It is actually just one scene from the first book just told from another characters point of view. It’s very short and $0.99 on Amazon so worth the read but not amazing.






This is the third book and I am actually finding it hard to stay into this. It seems to be moving a little slow and I think I need a bread from this type of book. The first one was really good and my mom read all of these and said that this one is really good also. So I think it’s just me. I also started this before Christmas and taking my NCLEX so I think that I just have had too many other things on my mind to really enjoy it.

Speaking of the NCLEX, I took it on Wednesday, and found out I PASSED today!! Such a huge huge weight lifted off my shoulders! Now it’s time to flood the nursing homes with applications! Wish me luck!


1: I took my math test yesterday. The one I have to make a 95% on to stay in nursing school. I don’t have the results yet, and it pretty much killing me.

2: I took 2 finals (+ the math test) yesterday and I have 4 more and a check off next week. Ugh.

3: I am writing this from my backyard because I am out here with my NEW PUPPY!


We adopted him Monday from HALO, which is an organization that goes and rescues dogs from animal control and places them in foster homes until they get adopted. He is about 15-16 weeks an they believe he is a Black Mouth Cur mix. He is such a great dog. His foster mom had house trained him already and had him sit, lay, and shake on command. He is just a puppy so he is extremely hyper and jumps and bites a lot. We are trying to teach him not to bite us when he gets excited. My cats are tolerating him but still won’t let him get too close.

Here he is sleeping with me πŸ™‚


His first trip to Petsmart.


Sleeping on daddy.


And his first dog tag πŸ˜‰


Having a dog is much different than having cats. It’s a lot of work, but we love him and all his energy!

Rough Week

I had clinicals Monday and Tuesday in labor and delivery. It was really awesome. I got to see a vaginal delivery, a circumcision, and an epidural. I cried a little during the delivery, just a little tear πŸ™‚ . I can’t wait to have my own! I had a test on Wednesday, which I failed. My first fail of nursing school. It sucked. It wasn’t a bad fail I still have a B in the class. I made a 73, and for those who may read this and not know, a 74 is failing in nursing school. My test was over disease processes of the digestive system, respiratory system, and the liver. I got over that pretty quick but then on Thursday we had tracheostomy suction check-offs. I don’t have the results yet but I am pretty sure I failed. I accidentally applied suction on the way down the trachea. Grr. Then I was just mad at myself. I had not done that once during lab practice.

After check-offs, I went out for drinks with a few girls from my class. I got home about 6pm laid down on the couch and went to sleep. I slept for 14 hours! I felt much better when I got up though, sometimes a good rest is the best thing for a stressful week.

Oh, and just to add to the stress, two people got kicked out of the program this week :/ . One person was in my clinical group and was inserting foley catheters. Since we have not learned that skill in class yet and checked off on it, we are not allowed to do that in a clinical setting. Another person did not get some important paperwork turned in on time. Β I know how hard we have all worked to get this far, and how much being a nurse means to every single person in my class, so it is just very sad when someone gets kicked out.

I have 3 months and 26 days left until graduation. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Busy Week

Last week was so busy. I had clinical rotations in the emergency department, three tests, and I signed up to sell Scentsy! Also, a couple weeks ago my husband and I decided to make Friday our weekly date night. I think we are like most couples these days and we get so wrapped up in our jobs (in my case, school), we have trouble making sure make quality time for each other. Anyways he had Friday off so we spent the whole day doing stuff together :). I love our relationship because we can make running errands fun. We ran some errands and then went to see The Watch. It was really funny in an obnoxious silly kind of way.

Also on Friday I started a project I found on Pinterest:

The spots on the back are leopard print, it’s hard to tell in the picture.

Last Monday and Tuesday were my ED rotation days. It was interesting thats for sure. There was a person come in with a GI bleed, this person had fallen and had diarrhea, and vomited. They had stool and vomit in their hair and all the way down to their feet! We had to clean them before treatment could even be started. It was insane. When a person has an upper GI bleed their vomit looks like coffee grounds because of the blood. In my nursing school career, I have cleaned a lot of bottoms but I have never even imagined anything like this. I feel like I cannot even explain the severity of it. After that there was a miscarriage, and then I had to hold a baby still so he could get an IV. It was just a really tragic day for me LOL. The ED is really not my thing. One minute there will not be a single patient and everyone is on Facebook or whatever and the next its packed and nurses are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Yeah just not my thing. But tomorrow I will be in labor and delivery and I am really really excited about that!

I love love love Scentsy products! I was introduced to Scentsy last year right before Christmas and ended up getting it for myself and also Christmas presents. This was a great month to sign up in because almost everything is 10% off. It is also a great time to stock up on some of your favorite scents. Here is a video of the scents that are going to be discontinued this month:

To order or sign up to sell Scentsy please go to:


There is a girl in my class and clinical group who is really mean. I really don’t think she means to be, I think she teases a lot. But it is hurtful and embarrassing sometimes. I was in a class with her previously and so we hung out at first because we knew each other and everything was new. It’s kind of like she found a weakness of mine and she just picks at it. Sometimes I think it is when she is feeling nervous or unsure of herself. I moped all day yesterday and I am blogging about this and then I am going to drop it, I am not going to waste another thought on it. But here is my song to her πŸ™‚

Anyhow I actually had a really great week. My clinical rotation was in a family practice physicians office and a community health center. Before this week I had no intention on working at a physicians office. I always hear how working for a physician is awful because they think they are kings, and really I had that experience of working for a DB physician. After this week though, I know they are not all like that. In fact, I believe that most are not. I liked the work, especially in the community health clinic, it was so busy! I loved that it was so busy and there was no low time. It makes the day go by quickly and if you have a difficult patient, you get them in and out and you don’t have to spend 12 hours with them. So, the a clinic/physician’s office is definitely back on the list of possible jobs after this program.

I am so ready for next year! It is going to be AWESOME. I have so many exciting plans. We want to buy a Jeep, buy a house, I will be working as a nurse, and we want to get pregnant next summer. In fact I am watching A Baby Story on TLC right now. The show makes me really nervous for labor but really excited for the outcome. And I pretty much cry every episode πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

But anyhow, I have lots of studying to do since I have three exams next week!

Hard Work

Being completely honest here, I have never in my life worked so hard for my grades. I so proud to say that it paid off! I just finished the finals for first semester, I have gotten my grades and couldn’t be more ecstatic. I got 5 A’s and 1 B, well I would be happier if they were all A’s but I am still excited about my grades.

The last few weeks have been really hard on the class.We started out with 37 students and are down to 33. A couple left a few weeks into clinicals, and a couple the last few days as grades were being finalized. It’s really sad to see people leave, we have all gotten so close to each other. I see these people more than I see my family. We had a dosage calculations competency exam that you have to make a 90% or better in order to go to the next semester and you have two tries. Thankfully I passed but a couple of my closest friends failed it the first attempt. It is really scary to have to take that 2nd test because it’s your last chance. The day of the second test we all went to lunch and had drinks while they waited for their tests to be graded. Thankfully every one who failed the first one, passed the second one. I also passed med pass check offs, its a big important check off and I was really relieved that I passed it the first time. You also get two tries on the check off but the second try you can only get a 50%.

Well I have a week off before the second semester starts so hopefully I can update my blog again. I have given up on trying to keep it updated and even thought about deleting it but I do like to posts sometimes so I think I will keep it going for a little while longer. For now I have to go get groceries before it starts raining and come home and start cleaning up and getting organized for next semester πŸ˜›

Mess from finals

It’s Been Seven Weeks

Wordle: student nurse

Wow, how things have changed in the last seven weeks of nursing school. I have already grown and learned so much. And man, I never imagined it being so hard. I work my butt off and sometimes barely pass. It’s not like other classes I have taken in college, the test questions are not black and white, you can’t just look up this answer in the book. On the tests, there are usually multiple correct answers but you have to choose the best one. I have luckily passes everything except my last check-off, which was vital signs check off. That one really made me upset because I failed the blood pressure part of it. Our instructors have a double earpiece stethoscope so that they can hear the same thing you are and you both watch the gauge. While practicing I got it perfect with all three of our instructors, so it was really frustrating that I failed that part. I believe re-checks are next week so I can still get a 50% on that one 😦

Speaking of next week, I start clinicals!!! I am so excited, scared, nervous, proud, happy, stressed about it that it makes me want to cry when I think about it! So many emotions lol. I am excited we are finally going to be able to put all this book work to use. Scared that I will hate it or suck at it. Nervous I will do something wrong, hurt a patient, or disappoint my clinical instructor. Proud that I made it this far. Happy that it’s finally happening. Stressed because I have clinicals, my first care plan, vital sign re-checks, and two tests next week (not even to mention the 3 tests I just got done studying my butt off for). Oh my, deep breath.

For the next 8 weeks we will be in a nursing home. I worked in a chiropractic office before and the geriatric patients were actually my favorite. We saw these people sometimes three times a week, and once you get to know them and get them out of pain, they become less grouchy and most of the time they are way more nice than the younger patients. It’s really cool to get them talking about their life events. So I am excited to be in the nursing home. On the other hand, I am assigned to the same hospital memaw died at last year. It will be sad but I am at peace with the fact that she is in heaven and free of pain now.

I am excited that we will be required to keep a journal of our clinical experience. I love journals, I just get busy with life and forget I have one. Kind of like this blog…. Since it is for a grade though, I will keep up with it and it will be a really cool thing for me to keep for always.

On another note, we moved into a house! We didn’t buy one but we are renting one. It is nice to be in a house instead of an apartment. The walls were so thin in the last apartment we could hear our upstairs neighbors doing it. No joke, it was gross. Couldn’t even look them in the eye after that. We just hated it there. We are loving the house so far. It has two bedrooms and a “study area”, all hard wood floors, a storage shed in the back yard. The only down side is that it only has one bathroom. James loves working in the yard and is out there everyday doing something. I love the hardwood floors. The floors are loud and cold, but Riley threw up this morning and it was much easier to clean than carpet.

But I have to go buy a nursing diagnosis book to do my first care plan! So I will leave you with a picture of my flashcards I have made to help me with my tests so far πŸ™‚ I started cutting the index cards in half to save money haha.