Random Pictures From my Phone

I started craving apple butter after my post earlier so I made an apple butter and peanut butter toast 🙂


Another random thing– I also love the Natures Own 12 grain whole grain bread, I am going through a loaf a week by myself!

I live in The Fort Worth area of Texas an at work today we started noticing a haze all around. We think it was from all the fires, even though none of them are really close to us. It looked worse in person but you can see a discolored line just above the trees in the distance.


Ok, this next part stresses me out a little. I have tendonosis in my leg from running. It has been hurt for about 3 and a half months now. Every time I try to run it gets worse again. Friday I will have completed 4 weeks of physical therapy at 3 times a weeks. I have seen little to no improvement 😦 and I stopped running! On Friday , my therapist is going to do some tests and send the results back to my doctor. It stresses me out because I have invested a lot of time and money into my injury and I’m not really seeing results. The doctor said if there is still pain after physical therapy he would send me for a bone scan. I really don’t want to get one. The doctor and the therapist both said they didn’t think it was a stress fracture so I see no point in wasting my money.

Any who these ice packs freeze my leg off!


Have you had any problems bouncing back from an injury? Any tips?


Physical Therapy

Today was my fourth session and I think its getting better, slowly but surely. I go and basically work my legs from the hips down for about 45 minutes. I am strengthening the muscles in my leg and foot to be able to control my over-pronation. After that, the therapists does a technique called Trigger point release and then ices my leg. The Trigger point release is where the therapists uses a tool to apply pressure to knots in my muscle. Below is a picture of my leg after therapy. Ouchie!

It gets real sore for a few hours after therapy but after that initial pain from therapy it seems to be getting gradually better. I have learned a lot from the therapist on how to pick out shoes for running. So when I get back to running, hopefully that will help me prevent some injuries.

I am super excited about training again. I think my first run back is going to be The Original Mud Run in late October.