I Don’t Know Where To Start…

Oh my gosh, I kind of dropped off the face of the earth. First of all, I have been working crazy over time, like 14-24 hours per pay period (2 wks). I have been picking up every shift that is offered. This has benefited me in two ways. Hello, amazeballs paycheck, the other is recognition by management.

I love the overtime but as I am writing this, I am getting ready for a 16 hour shift and I am dreading it big time.

A bunch if big things have happened in my life in the past month or so. I could write pages on them but I will give the quick version 🙂

I bought a Jeep. I have wanted one since before I could drive. It was either my 16th or 17th birthday but someone in my family gifted me a Hot-wheels Jeep as a joke. So, I finally have my dream car and I love it! I love going off-road and mudding. We have taken it to an off-road park that’s about an hour away and had a ton of fun. Action shot lol:


And here is a video also from that trip:

We are planning a couple vacations this year that will involve the Jeep. I can’t wait to share them!

We also became bona-fide cattle ranchers. Really, we bought three and we are keeping them at my in-laws. We lost one last week but here are the other two.

Arn’t they the cutest?!

The next picture is of me feeding the one we lost 😦 so sad. Thinking back we think he was sick when we got him.


So there is the lowdown of the last month for me. I have a couple more pretty cool things to share but I have to get dressed for work so I will make a separate post for those. The hubs and I were talking about how things seem to be coming together for us! It’s an exciting time 🙂

Dream Car

I am so close to getting my dream car, I can taste it! This time next year I will be rolling in a brand new Jeep Wrangler :). A Jeep Wrangler is the first car I wanted when I started thinking about getting my license and all that fun adult stuff. On my 16th birthday, I received a Jeep Hotwheel. Yeah thanks guys…

Anyways, this is what I want except with a winch in the front 🙂 :).

I have been so good with knowing I cannot have it until after nursing school, but then we rented a Jeep for a day during our vacation to Red River, NM and SO much fun! I can’t wait to go back and climb mountains in my own Jeep and get battle wounds (scratches and mud) on the sides. Yes, I wouldn’t care if it got scuffed up a little. That would just mean that we were driving a Jeep like it was built to be driven and we were out having fun!

Here are a couple of videos taken while I was driving the rented one in Red River, NM. We had a blast.