The Pressure is On

Yesterday I went through and filled in my calendar for September. I know a little late, right? Better late than never. My last final for this semester is September 26th and we start the third semester October 1st. All we get is a four day break! So anyway, I have about three weeks left and writing everything in my calendar yesterday made it real. This is supposed to be my hardest semester of the LVN program. I am feeling the pressure. I have a math test on September 21st that I have to make a 95% on or I get kicked out of the program! And we are getting 30 minutes of instruction/help with the content! Seriously 30 minutes, we are doing that tomorrow from 8:30 to 9:00 and that is the only day we have with the instructor. My grades this semester are not as good as last semester so i am probably not going to make the deans list again. I am pretty sure i am going to pass though, as long as i can get a dang 95 on that math test. So I might be a little cray cray these next three weeks.

On another note, it is insane how much I have changed this last year. My entire outlook on life is different, my interests are different, my friends are different, everything. Eight months ago I would have been scared shitless to touch a Foley. We started practicing them in the lab today, no big deal. Sterile technique used to stress me out like crazy and now it is like second nature. There was a time when I thought I would not be able to give someone an injection and now I pray my patient needs a few. When someone tells me about a symptom/s they are having I have to look it up and try to guess at a diagnosis. At home I am looking up nursing stuff more than Facebooking and I just ended up deleting the Sims game off my computer because I don’t have room for it and ALL my powerpoints, objectives, and clinical narratives. I don’t have time to play it anyways. I don’t think I changed this much in middle school and highschool combined. This year had been the hardest, most stressful, most rewarding, best year of my life. This is one decision I made for myself that I will never regret.

So anyhow, here is a picture of me getting a Foley Catheter ready in lab today 🙂



When It All Clicks

I have figured out that I took the wrong career track…. sort of. We are doing our rotations in the hospital right now and I have loved it. Well some more than others. I have figured out that wound care isn’t my thing. It’s interesting and all but not really my thing. What I really loved was PACU. Like really really loved it. LVNs can’t work in PACU. It gives me something to work towards but now I am afraid that I will not like anything until I get there. I never planned on stopping at the LVN status but now I wish I was a little further in school. I also loved surgery and I think I would enjoy being a scrub nurse. I could be a scrub nurse as an LVN so that might be my plan until I become an RN. Also, I still have many rotations so that could still change…

My rotation starting on Monday is med-surg. It will be my first time to give an injection. It scares the shit out of me. I know it shouldn’t but for some reason it does. I will be spending the rest of my weekend practicing on my injection pad 🙂