Entering Final Semester!!

So, I have made it to the final semester in my nursing program! I passed all my classes, and best of all, I made the deans list again! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Actually best of all is that the last semester is only 10 weeks long πŸ™‚

I went back and read the post I did after my first semester and I talked a little about loosing students. This semester was a lot harder for everyone. I know I had to work a lot harder. This semester we lost 7 people! It has been a very sad and stressful week. It’s crazy but this next semester is supposed to be a lot better. The teachers say it is just practicing everything we have learned the last 9 months.

Bad news: I failed the math test (I get two more chances). I made a 92% and we had to make a 95% to pass there is 25 questions and I miss two of them. What that means is that I had to do a remediation class, I have to take the test over, and I got a 2 point deduction off my clinical grade for next semester, and I cannot pass meds until I pass. If I fail it a second time, it is the same conditions as above. If I fail the 3rd time, I fail out of the program. I know what I did, and it was a stupid rounding mistake(there are different rounding rules in dosage calculations due to using syringes). I did the math right all the way up to the rounding. It was so frustrating because while I was working the problems, I was doubting the answer. It just didn’t seem right to round ML to a whole number and thats what I thought it was asking. I am almost positive that I will not need the 3rd chance. Anyhow, I was pretty devastated when I got the results back but I am ok now. It’s not that big of a consequence just yet and I am positive I will pass it the next time with a 100%.

Because so many of us failed the math test this time around and we cannot pass meds my clinical instructor had to redo the clinical schedule to put those who passed on med-surg. So, I start clinicals on Monday and have no clue where I am going! A big mantra in my nursing program is “be flexible”.

Other news besides nursing, tomorrow I am going to a shooting range what rents out guns so that you can try before you buy. I am finally going to get a gun since I have had my CHL for a while now πŸ™‚ I am having trouble making up my mind between a revolver or a semi-automatic. I just don’t know what to do! I have never shot a revolver but I just think they are so cool. I will tomorrow though and I guess I will make up my mind then.

Oh, yesterday I taught Bentley how to play dead! I point my finger like a gun and say bang and he will roll on his side like he is dead! It is so cute. And the cats are getting more used to him, they will get closer. Shelby smacked him on the nose yesterday. I didn’t find a scratch on him but he was backing her up into a corner and I wasn’t watching them but I heard a yelp and turned around to see Bentley running away. He doesn’t want to hurt the cats he is just bigger and more rowdy and it scares them.

Since this has become probably the longest post I have ever written I will end it and throw in a picture πŸ™‚




I should just rename my blog random, cause thats what I am πŸ™‚ . My vacation has been good so far. I need more hours in the day though.

I have recieved my first Scentsy order! It was so fun to go through all the stuff. I took every one of the warmers out of the packages so I could see what they look like in person. Of course I loved them all πŸ™‚

A while back I went through all the motions and got my concealed handgun license.



I am so excited, except I don’t own a handgun. But I have a few in mind that I would love to own!


Arn’t they so awesome?

I also would love a revolver, I just think they are so cool. They make me think of the old movie Rodger Rabbit.

So, I am now taking donations πŸ™‚

With just a little more than 3 months of school left (!!!!) I am starting to prepare for the big NCLEX exam. It scares the crap out of me. Last year my school had a 94% pass rate and the year before it was 98%, so I am confident that my instructors have prepared me for the test but it is still SO scary. To help me review I am thinking about posting NCLEX review questions as I go through them. I will have to figure out how I want to do that, I tried a few different quiz maker sites and they don’t have enough space for an entire question. The questions are usually pretty long because they give you a scenario. So we will see πŸ™‚