Entering Final Semester!!

So, I have made it to the final semester in my nursing program! I passed all my classes, and best of all, I made the deans list again! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Actually best of all is that the last semester is only 10 weeks long πŸ™‚

I went back and read the post I did after my first semester and I talked a little about loosing students. This semester was a lot harder for everyone. I know I had to work a lot harder. This semester we lost 7 people! It has been a very sad and stressful week. It’s crazy but this next semester is supposed to be a lot better. The teachers say it is just practicing everything we have learned the last 9 months.

Bad news: I failed the math test (I get two more chances). I made a 92% and we had to make a 95% to pass there is 25 questions and I miss two of them. What that means is that I had to do a remediation class, I have to take the test over, and I got a 2 point deduction off my clinical grade for next semester, and I cannot pass meds until I pass. If I fail it a second time, it is the same conditions as above. If I fail the 3rd time, I fail out of the program. I know what I did, and it was a stupid rounding mistake(there are different rounding rules in dosage calculations due to using syringes). I did the math right all the way up to the rounding. It was so frustrating because while I was working the problems, I was doubting the answer. It just didn’t seem right to round ML to a whole number and thats what I thought it was asking. I am almost positive that I will not need the 3rd chance. Anyhow, I was pretty devastated when I got the results back but I am ok now. It’s not that big of a consequence just yet and I am positive I will pass it the next time with a 100%.

Because so many of us failed the math test this time around and we cannot pass meds my clinical instructor had to redo the clinical schedule to put those who passed on med-surg. So, I start clinicals on Monday and have no clue where I am going! A big mantra in my nursing program is “be flexible”.

Other news besides nursing, tomorrow I am going to a shooting range what rents out guns so that you can try before you buy. I am finally going to get a gun since I have had my CHL for a while now πŸ™‚ I am having trouble making up my mind between a revolver or a semi-automatic. I just don’t know what to do! I have never shot a revolver but I just think they are so cool. I will tomorrow though and I guess I will make up my mind then.

Oh, yesterday I taught Bentley how to play dead! I point my finger like a gun and say bang and he will roll on his side like he is dead! It is so cute. And the cats are getting more used to him, they will get closer. Shelby smacked him on the nose yesterday. I didn’t find a scratch on him but he was backing her up into a corner and I wasn’t watching them but I heard a yelp and turned around to see Bentley running away. He doesn’t want to hurt the cats he is just bigger and more rowdy and it scares them.

Since this has become probably the longest post I have ever written I will end it and throw in a picture πŸ™‚




1: I took my math test yesterday. The one I have to make a 95% on to stay in nursing school. I don’t have the results yet, and it pretty much killing me.

2: I took 2 finals (+ the math test) yesterday and I have 4 more and a check off next week. Ugh.

3: I am writing this from my backyard because I am out here with my NEW PUPPY!


We adopted him Monday from HALO, which is an organization that goes and rescues dogs from animal control and places them in foster homes until they get adopted. He is about 15-16 weeks an they believe he is a Black Mouth Cur mix. He is such a great dog. His foster mom had house trained him already and had him sit, lay, and shake on command. He is just a puppy so he is extremely hyper and jumps and bites a lot. We are trying to teach him not to bite us when he gets excited. My cats are tolerating him but still won’t let him get too close.

Here he is sleeping with me πŸ™‚


His first trip to Petsmart.


Sleeping on daddy.


And his first dog tag πŸ˜‰


Having a dog is much different than having cats. It’s a lot of work, but we love him and all his energy!

The Pressure is On

Yesterday I went through and filled in my calendar for September. I know a little late, right? Better late than never. My last final for this semester is September 26th and we start the third semester October 1st. All we get is a four day break! So anyway, I have about three weeks left and writing everything in my calendar yesterday made it real. This is supposed to be my hardest semester of the LVN program. I am feeling the pressure. I have a math test on September 21st that I have to make a 95% on or I get kicked out of the program! And we are getting 30 minutes of instruction/help with the content! Seriously 30 minutes, we are doing that tomorrow from 8:30 to 9:00 and that is the only day we have with the instructor. My grades this semester are not as good as last semester so i am probably not going to make the deans list again. I am pretty sure i am going to pass though, as long as i can get a dang 95 on that math test. So I might be a little cray cray these next three weeks.

On another note, it is insane how much I have changed this last year. My entire outlook on life is different, my interests are different, my friends are different, everything. Eight months ago I would have been scared shitless to touch a Foley. We started practicing them in the lab today, no big deal. Sterile technique used to stress me out like crazy and now it is like second nature. There was a time when I thought I would not be able to give someone an injection and now I pray my patient needs a few. When someone tells me about a symptom/s they are having I have to look it up and try to guess at a diagnosis. At home I am looking up nursing stuff more than Facebooking and I just ended up deleting the Sims game off my computer because I don’t have room for it and ALL my powerpoints, objectives, and clinical narratives. I don’t have time to play it anyways. I don’t think I changed this much in middle school and highschool combined. This year had been the hardest, most stressful, most rewarding, best year of my life. This is one decision I made for myself that I will never regret.

So anyhow, here is a picture of me getting a Foley Catheter ready in lab today πŸ™‚


Rough Week

I had clinicals Monday and Tuesday in labor and delivery. It was really awesome. I got to see a vaginal delivery, a circumcision, and an epidural. I cried a little during the delivery, just a little tear πŸ™‚ . I can’t wait to have my own! I had a test on Wednesday, which I failed. My first fail of nursing school. It sucked. It wasn’t a bad fail I still have a B in the class. I made a 73, and for those who may read this and not know, a 74 is failing in nursing school. My test was over disease processes of the digestive system, respiratory system, and the liver. I got over that pretty quick but then on Thursday we had tracheostomy suction check-offs. I don’t have the results yet but I am pretty sure I failed. I accidentally applied suction on the way down the trachea. Grr. Then I was just mad at myself. I had not done that once during lab practice.

After check-offs, I went out for drinks with a few girls from my class. I got home about 6pm laid down on the couch and went to sleep. I slept for 14 hours! I felt much better when I got up though, sometimes a good rest is the best thing for a stressful week.

Oh, and just to add to the stress, two people got kicked out of the program this week :/ . One person was in my clinical group and was inserting foley catheters. Since we have not learned that skill in class yet and checked off on it, we are not allowed to do that in a clinical setting. Another person did not get some important paperwork turned in on time. Β I know how hard we have all worked to get this far, and how much being a nurse means to every single person in my class, so it is just very sad when someone gets kicked out.

I have 3 months and 26 days left until graduation. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

This week!

This week, I had my med-surg rotation. It was better than I thought. I had been hearing from other students that it was boring and a lot like the nursing home, but it wasn’t so much to me. I passed by med pass check off Β in the lab back in early May but I had to wait until my med-surg rotation to get checked off on med pass in a clinical setting. So, I gave my first injection! I was soooo nervous! I usually get really nervous during check offs anyway because of the whole test anxiety thing. Plus they film us (to make sure they didn’t miss anything), so it’s just so awkward talking and trying to give meds to a dummy. They are just hard for me. Anyhow, I usually shake a little during check offs and I was so worried that I would shake while trying to give an injection to a person but I didn’t! It was awesome πŸ™‚ . Getting the meds ready was a little nerve racking because our clinical instructor grills us on, what its class is, what its action is, why the patient is getting it, if there is any reason it should be held (like heart rate too low or blood glucose too low). So we pretty much have to hit the floor running. We get there at 6:15 but wasn’t getting our patients until about 7am, as soon as we got our patients we printed the MAR, looked up the diagnosis, their morning labs, and had to look up the medications they were receiving in our med books. The first day my patient only had 9am meds so I had plenty of time, but the second day my patient had 7:30 insulin so I had to work pretty quick. But it was fun. Anyhow, I didn’t think med-surg was too bad. I only had one patient each day, so I did have extra time but I spent it making med cards.

We also had our mid term clinical evaluations this week. I am excited to say that all is well where I am concerned. She said that I need to work on my confidence because she can tell I second guess myself a lot when I shouldn’t. She said that I have got this and do very well while in clinicals. It is hard to have confidence when you are always being graded and scored. I have learned SO much more than I could have ever imagined in the last 6 months but I have so much more to learn.

Wound care check offs click for source

Yesterday was a very stressful day for my class 😦 . We had sterile wound care check offs. The main thing was keeping it sterile. I think we all went into it unsure about everything. I was near the end of the list and we were watching about every other person leave crying. So by the time it was my turn to check off I was totally freaked out. I passed, thank God! I contaminated my gloves twice (the first time I put on one sterile glove and then touched the other with my ungloved hand, the second time I dropped my sterile gloved hand below the table) but I caught both times so I didn’t fail (if you didn’t catch it you failed). We were allowed two contaminations so if I would have done it once more I would have failed. Also, you failed automatically if you contaminated the wound. I felt so clumsy and I had to dry pack a wound. It is so hard to get a dry 4X4 into a wound without touching the edges of the skin… I passed thats all that matters. The way our check offs are done, you either pass or fail. You get two chances but if you fail the first, the highest you can make is a 50%. If you fail your second chance, you get a zero. Everyone in our class has become so close each other, and it is hard to see your classmates fail at something.

I am so excited to be selling Scentsy soon! More information to come πŸ™‚

Hard Work

Being completely honest here, I have never in my life worked so hard for my grades. I so proud to say that it paid off! I just finished the finals for first semester, I have gotten my grades and couldn’t be more ecstatic. I got 5 A’s and 1 B, well I would be happier if they were all A’s but I am still excited about my grades.

The last few weeks have been really hard on the class.We started out with 37 students and are down to 33. A couple left a few weeks into clinicals, and a couple the last few days as grades were being finalized. It’s really sad to see people leave, we have all gotten so close to each other. I see these people more than I see my family. We had a dosage calculations competency exam that you have to make a 90% or better in order to go to the next semester and you have two tries. Thankfully I passed but a couple of my closest friends failed it the first attempt. It is really scary to have to take that 2nd test because it’s your last chance. The day of the second test we all went to lunch and had drinks while they waited for their tests to be graded. Thankfully every one who failed the first one, passed the second one. I also passed med pass check offs, its a big important check off and I was really relieved that I passed it the first time. You also get two tries on the check off but the second try you can only get a 50%.

Well I have a week off before the second semester starts so hopefully I can update my blog again. I have given up on trying to keep it updated and even thought about deleting it but I do like to posts sometimes so I think I will keep it going for a little while longer. For now I have to go get groceries before it starts raining and come home and start cleaning up and getting organized for next semester πŸ˜›

Mess from finals

For The Last 3 Weeks


Nursing student represent!

Time is flying! I cannot believe I have completed 3 weeks of school and that it has been that long since I wrote a post. I feel like my whole life has changed. All I do is retain and regurgitate information. I even dream about school! I really am having a blast though. There have been moments where I question my decision about nursing school but at the end of the day I know I am where I am supposed to be and I am so grateful for this opportunity.
This last week has been the most intense and the most exciting so far. We had our first skill check-off (G-tube feeding) and I got a 100%. Grading is a little different on check-offs. You get 2 tries for a grade. If you pass the first time you get 100%. If you don’t pass you have to try again but if you do the skill correctly you only get 50%. If you fail the second time you get a big fat zero. I tried to upload a video of me doing the G-tube feeding on a dummy but every time I try it freezes on me 😦
I got an 88% on my first major exam. Truthfully I was hoping for an A but that is passing and it’s kinda close to an A so I will take it. Speaking of grades the grading scale is a little different for nursing, a 74% will get you kicked out.

Also, we have a drug calculations test that we have to make 90% on this semester. We will have another one next semester that we have to make a 95% on. If we make less than that we will me kicked out from the program. It is nerve racking that one test can do that to us but I completely understand why it is that way. A drug dosage mistake can injure or be fatal to a patient. So it is very important.

We also found out our clinical assignments this week! I got an instructor that seems pretty strict but so far I am glad I got her and I am determined to use her strictness to make me a better nurse. For the first 6 weeks I will be at a nursing home here in the town where I live. For the second semester I will be at a hospital doing rotations in different departments. The hospital is about 45 min – an hour away. We will have to be there by 6:15 so that morning drive is going to suck, but we have been told that it is a great facility so that might make it worth it. I am really excited about clinicals and can’t wait to get started! We will have orientation on February 27th and our first day on March 5th πŸ™‚

Hopefully I can be more consistent about posting, and I will be back later for some updates πŸ™‚