Two Week Notice

More like two week wait.

I am not real sure if I talked about it before on here, so forgive me if this is old news. About a month ago, my director of nurses (DON) was leaving my current job for a new place and she asked me to go with her. One, it’s a huge compliment that she considers me good enough to want to be my boss. Second, the opportunity is out of this world. I went and checked out the facility and all the benefits and weighed my options. I am going to work for the new place, cause like I said, the opportunity IS out of this world.

Not only am I going to be making $4.15 more than my current position, I will get more experience with more skills. Being a long term Alzheimer’s facility (where I am now), my position just doesn’t give me a whole lot of experience with skills besides wound care and behaviors. The new place has a rehab wing and a long term wing. On the rehab wing, they get all kinds of stuff like trachs, wound vacs, suprapubic catheters that need to be changed. All the cool stuff.


When It All Clicks

I have figured out that I took the wrong career track…. sort of. We are doing our rotations in the hospital right now and I have loved it. Well some more than others. I have figured out that wound care isn’t my thing. It’s interesting and all but not really my thing. What I really loved was PACU. Like really really loved it. LVNs can’t work in PACU. It gives me something to work towards but now I am afraid that I will not like anything until I get there. I never planned on stopping at the LVN status but now I wish I was a little further in school. I also loved surgery and I think I would enjoy being a scrub nurse. I could be a scrub nurse as an LVN so that might be my plan until I become an RN. Also, I still have many rotations so that could still change…

My rotation starting on Monday is med-surg. It will be my first time to give an injection. It scares the shit out of me. I know it shouldn’t but for some reason it does. I will be spending the rest of my weekend practicing on my injection pad 🙂

12 Goals for 2012

I don’t usually do resolutions for the new year, but I do recognize that they can be very rewarding. I had been thinking about doing a goals post for the new year and came across Nurse Teeny’s 4-4-4 plan. I do better with structure. For example, if you just tell me I have to make new years resolutions I freak out a little. How many do I make, what do I make resolutions about, what is everyone else’s goals? But if you give me a little more instruction I can easily set up goals that I would like to achieve. So here goes.

4 Goals for the blog.
1. Blog more often. When life gets busy I tend to put blogging behind all my other priorities even though it is very therapeutic for me.
2. Take more pictures to include with my posts. I bought a really nice DSLR camera and I need to use it. I know I enjoy reading posts that include pretty pictures so I am sure others enjoy it also.
3. Be more consistent. I have often thought about picking a certain day to post and I have read that if you are not going to post everyday that it is best to pick a certain day so that you followers know when to expect a new post.
4. Get more “nursing” followers. I will soon be taking this blog in a new direction. I intend on it being sort of like a journal chronicling my life. But to be perfectly honest the day I received my acceptance letter into nursing school, my life it all about nursing and school. It is probably every other thought that enters my head. So naturally I figure there will be a lot of content regarding nursing school, and I might have more of a chance of keeping followers if they have something in common with me.

4 Professional/school goals.
1. Join a nursing association and or club. I have heard and read a lot of good stuff about joining a nursing association. There are numerous benefits such as moral support from fellow students and networking. I am not positive yet but my school should have one.
2. Never say I will watch this time in clinicals. I watched a video on YouTube once where a girl talked about giving up a chance to practice your skills is the worse thing you can do for yourself in school. I know the more I get to practice, the more prepared I will be entering the workforce.
3. Be an A B student. I have heard that it is very difficult to be an A B student in nursing school especially since the grading scale is different (75% is failing). But why not aim for the moon, even if I fail I will land among the stars.
4. Rock it. To me this means staying focused, on my toes, and doing my best. Nobody wants a nurse who half-hearted it.

4 Personal goals.
1. Run 500 miles. This should be fairly easy if I can just keep my leg healthy. This will include my elliptical miles (they should count double since they are so hard).
2. Get organized and stay organized. This is huge for me. My home life is SO unorganized it disturbing. My desk at work is immaculate, I have learned that the only way to function at work is to ward off any distractions. I don’t keep anything on my desk except my computer and a very few pictures (I even keep my stapler and tape dispenser in my drawer). About 3 times a day I clean my desk, take papers to the shred bin, file anything that needs to be filed, and just put anything away that I have taken out of a drawer. I think spend so much energy on this at work that I am exhausted when I come home and just let it all go to hell. It’s pretty bad y’all. This goal will also help with school because I know if I get my life together, school will flow a lot easier also.
3. Cook more dinners. I enjoy cooking, but like only once a month. I am sure we would save a ton if I would just cook dinner more often.
4. Become more thrifty with money. I think this will be forced upon me once I quite working full time. We are pretty good with money. We don’t put anything on credit anymore and we are steadily paying down our old debt. But I am not real good with budgeting. Usually if we want something we have the means to get it right away. I think I am going to probably struggle a little with this over the next year that I will be in nursing school.

2012 is not going to be the easiest but I am positive it will be one of the best and most memorable years of my life.