It’s Finally Happening!

I have in my blogs description something about TCCing (trying to conceive), but will be my first post about it. There were many times we were going to start but then something would come up and we would decide to put it off. Well my friends, look what I got in the mail today:


It is an ovulation predictor strip. I ordered the pack off Amazon where you get 50 OPKs and 20 pregnancy tests. I am hoping that is the only pack I have to buy and we get prego the first month!

I have about two weeks before I start to use them. Maybe I can do a review soon 🙂


Graduation and Baby Making

Drumroll please……… my pinning ceremony is tonight! I remember at orientation a year ago they said that this year with go so fast. I had no clue. Maybe now I will have time to clean my house, spend time with family and friends. Speaking of friends, I will forever be the best of friends with the people in my class. We have helped each other through failed check-off to personal/family issues. I am so proud to be able to call every one of them my colleague.

I am not in desperate search for a job!

In other news, my cousin had the cutest, chubby cheeked little girl yesterday.


AND now my baby fever is in full drive! I had a preconception appointment scheduled for today but I had to reschedule it for next Friday 😦 I have been off my pill for two weeks tomorrow and still have not had a period. It makes me worry that I will have amenorrhea making it more difficult to conceive. Two weeks is really too early to tell, I am just very impatient.


There is a girl in my class and clinical group who is really mean. I really don’t think she means to be, I think she teases a lot. But it is hurtful and embarrassing sometimes. I was in a class with her previously and so we hung out at first because we knew each other and everything was new. It’s kind of like she found a weakness of mine and she just picks at it. Sometimes I think it is when she is feeling nervous or unsure of herself. I moped all day yesterday and I am blogging about this and then I am going to drop it, I am not going to waste another thought on it. But here is my song to her 🙂

Anyhow I actually had a really great week. My clinical rotation was in a family practice physicians office and a community health center. Before this week I had no intention on working at a physicians office. I always hear how working for a physician is awful because they think they are kings, and really I had that experience of working for a DB physician. After this week though, I know they are not all like that. In fact, I believe that most are not. I liked the work, especially in the community health clinic, it was so busy! I loved that it was so busy and there was no low time. It makes the day go by quickly and if you have a difficult patient, you get them in and out and you don’t have to spend 12 hours with them. So, the a clinic/physician’s office is definitely back on the list of possible jobs after this program.

I am so ready for next year! It is going to be AWESOME. I have so many exciting plans. We want to buy a Jeep, buy a house, I will be working as a nurse, and we want to get pregnant next summer. In fact I am watching A Baby Story on TLC right now. The show makes me really nervous for labor but really excited for the outcome. And I pretty much cry every episode 🙂 🙂 🙂

But anyhow, I have lots of studying to do since I have three exams next week!

Baby Fever

This is day 2 of spring break and it is awesome!

Lately my baby fever has jumped up an notch, or several notches to tell the truth. And then I decide to tackle the 138 unread blog posts on my Google Reader and find out that one of my favorite bloggers, HGR is prego! I am so excited for her and at the same time so jealous. She is not the only news of pregnancy I have gotten in the last few days. Seems like something is in the water. Pass some this way, please. My husband is finally ready just as I start nursing school. What luck. Oh well it will happen, and soon enough 🙂 I though I would share some cute Pinterest baby stuff.

This will be how we let everyone know.

I will get the hubbs this ❤

Some cute pregnancy pictures:

I can’t wait to steal these picture ideas…


And I cannot wait to own these products 🙂

Pinterest just makes it so easy to obsess over things like this. I think the clouds are so cute, I want to make them for my room :p

Maybe there will be a special announcement by the end of the year… hmmm