It’s Finally Happening!

I have in my blogs description something about TCCing (trying to conceive), but will be my first post about it. There were many times we were going to start but then something would come up and we would decide to put it off. Well my friends, look what I got in the mail today:


It is an ovulation predictor strip. I ordered the pack off Amazon where you get 50 OPKs and 20 pregnancy tests. I am hoping that is the only pack I have to buy and we get prego the first month!

I have about two weeks before I start to use them. Maybe I can do a review soon 🙂


Graduation and Baby Making

Drumroll please……… my pinning ceremony is tonight! I remember at orientation a year ago they said that this year with go so fast. I had no clue. Maybe now I will have time to clean my house, spend time with family and friends. Speaking of friends, I will forever be the best of friends with the people in my class. We have helped each other through failed check-off to personal/family issues. I am so proud to be able to call every one of them my colleague.

I am not in desperate search for a job!

In other news, my cousin had the cutest, chubby cheeked little girl yesterday.


AND now my baby fever is in full drive! I had a preconception appointment scheduled for today but I had to reschedule it for next Friday 😦 I have been off my pill for two weeks tomorrow and still have not had a period. It makes me worry that I will have amenorrhea making it more difficult to conceive. Two weeks is really too early to tell, I am just very impatient.