30 BY 30

I am one year away from 30! I can’t believe it. My 10 year reunion is this year and it just seems crazy that it has been that long. So anyhow, I am not getting any younger and I have a few things that I want to get accomplished by the time I am 30.

My list:
1. Graduate nursing school.
2. Become a licensed nurse.
3. Adapt a better diet.
4. Give injections without getting butterflies.
5. Run a 10k
6. Get hired as a nurse.
7. Get pregnant.
8. Buy a Jeep Wrangler
9. Strength train and cardio consistently.
5. Get my home organized.
6. Get rid of stuff we don’t need.
7. Get extensions.
8. Take microbiology.
9. Use my Rosetta Stone software to learn some Spanish.
10. Take college algebra.
11. Visit the restaurant in the rotating ball in Dallas, TX.
12. Score something awesome this black Friday.
13. Have a Scentsy booth at a fair/event.
14. Start learning a form of martial arts.
15. Be able to do 10 pull ups.
16. Train Bentley to run with me.
17. Take Bentley and Mercedes to Red River for vacation.
18. Climb the mountain peak at Goose Lake.
19. Learn to use all the features my DSLR offers.
20. Decorate my home.
21. Buy two good quality sets of sheets.
22. Stay close with my nursing school friends after graduation.
23. Blog more consistently.
24. Make a Christmas tree decorating video like last year.
25. Make new years resolutions and keep them.
26. Get my debt to credit ratio under 50%.
27. Adapt a more “grown up” style.
28. Have a spa day pedicure, massage, facial, the whole nine yards.
29. Start scrapbooking again.
30. Read books for leisure.


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