If I Stay


If I Stay


I finished the book If I Stay in less than 24 hours. Granted, it’s not a long book but I am not one to sit down and read a book through. I started this Saturday night and finished it when I woke up Sunday morning. It is about a 17 year old girl (Mia) who has a really good life. Great supportive parents, a fun loving little brother, a best friend, and the kind of boyfriend that most 17 year olds don’t get to experience. One day her family is driving to family friend’s house when the car is hit by another car and Mia goes into a coma. The story is narrated from the girls point of  view but it is unique because while she is in the coma, she is stuck in a “ghost like” state and has to decide whether to stay alive or die. For most it would probably be a no brainer to live, but for her own reasons (I am trying not to spoil it here) the decision is really hard. The girl is a cello player in a family full of musicians, so there is a huge emphasis on music. But I do not believe that you have to be into music to get something out of this book.

So yeah, I recommend this book 100% to anyone. It really makes you think differently about life and death. I really enjoy reading but a book usually doesn’t make me cry or laugh out loud, and I did both during reading this.

I came across this book from reading Peanut Butter Fingers blog. I have been reading her blog for a couple of years now and she has been doing a book club for a while but this will be the first one I join in on. She will review the blog and have a discussion about the book on June 7th, so there is still plenty of time to read it and join in yourself!


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