Organize Now Week – 2

Continuing on my pursuit towards a more organized life and home following the Organize Now! book. I think it’s going well! You can see the rest of my progress here.

Week 2 Organize your priorities

1. To help you realize what your priorities are ask yourself questions such as:

What are the most important things to me?

Being a safe and knowledgable nurse.

Being a good wife and having a good strong relationship with James.

Becoming a good mother who raises honest, good hearted children, who work hard for their dreams.

Always being able to have the money and take the time to travel and go on adventures with my family.

Being healthy.

Being able to give back to my mother.

Being a good friend to all the people I meet along the way!

Why am I here? Where am I going? What is my purpose?

I believe my purpose here is to be a companion to my husband, family, friends, patients, and co-workers. I want to help people be healthy and be happy.

2. Make a list of your top ten priorities. If you don’t select them, others will decide for you. Post this list where you will review it on a regular basis. It could be on your bedside table, on your refrigerator, in your home office, or in a journal.

1. My marriage

2. My family

3. Having a child

4. My nursing career

5. Friends

6. My education

7. Being healthy

8. Vacations/living life

9. Having time to be creative

10. Being organized

3. Make a list of all of the activities you currently participate in. Compare this list to your top ten priorities. Decide on activities that can be eliminated to make time for your top ten. Focus on cutting out activities that take your time but don’t bring you joy.

— Work, blogging, watching youtube, videos, sleeping, FB/social media sites.

This one is hard because all of this brings me joy, but I work so much that I don’t have time to do anything but work. Fortunately I will soon be able to reorganize my list of activities 🙂

4. Right now, schedule time in your planner to contribute to your priorities.

Done. I have a date for a girls night, and I am beginning to schedule exercise around my upcoming new work schedule.

5. Learn to say no! Set boundaries when needed to help you stick to your top ten priorities.

I am working on saying no. It’s really hard sometimes.

6. Honor your priorities each day.

I am actually not really sure what she means by this one…


One thought on “Organize Now Week – 2

  1. Hi! I found your blog by googling this book because I’ve just started using it as well to get my life together and start feeling more like a grown up. I’m working on the week one goals so I haven’t posted anything on this subject yet but I do plan on blogging my experience with this tool as well. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one! Best of luck in your organizing journey! I’ll be sure to keep up with your progress!
    -Alissa 🙂

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