Crazy Ride

Wow! Today was crazy at work. First of all, I moved to days and full time instead of PRN nights. I worked one hall myself today. No training for the day shift, just thrown out there on the day district and state stopped by. There is a huge difference between days and nights. There are WAY more meds to pass and more treatments and way more distractions and just stuff in general going on. I didn’t eat, drink, pee, or sit down for my entire 8 hour shift. But I got it all done and I was only there an hour and forty-five minutes after my shift ended. I have a really great boss who helps me be confident lol. It’s a hard job to take care of 25 dementia patient’s for 8 hours! I got a great education and did really well in school and clinicals so I know that I can do this. Sometimes, I just have to remember that and channel my inner energy and run!


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