30 By 30 Update And New Blog

I have a few more things to cross off my 30 by 30 list.


2. Become a licensed nurse. – As of January 8th, I am licensed!

6. Get hired as a nurse. – Started yesterday, January 17th!

23. Blog more consistently. – I have been everyday. Hope to keep it up!


Speaking of blogging more consistently, I have started a new blog called Baby Nurse. It is going to follow me through my first year of nursing. It doesn’t have much on it now but my goal is to update it every day that I work in the next year. The name of the blog came from a nurse who was interviewing me, she called me a baby nurse. I love it, I AM a baby nurse and I am proud of that. I am new, fresh, determined, excited, and I still do everything by the book 🙂

My training went well today. I did med pass for 18 patients! Ugh took forever! Did a few treatments, mostly wound care. And learned the process for sending a patient to the ER. It was a good day it was just extremely busy and a little overwhelming. Mostly trying to get the patient’s names down, there are so many!


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