Trauma Junkie By Tom Hobbs

Trauma Junkie by Tom Hobbs

Trauma Junkie by Tom Hobbs

I read this book in one day, I couldn’t put it down! Its about a paramedic who is going through a divorce. The marriage fell apart because of their infants death a few years prior. All he has left is saving lives and he is passionate about it. While responding to calls, a red headed reporter often shows up and they end up falling in love.

The calls that these guys respond to are sometimes touching and sometimes hilarious. Hello, a drug dealer who got shot in the nether regions when a drug deal went bad. The book had me waiting for the next 911 call. The characters are well developed and really start to care for them. The main character has some great one-liners, he had me laughing out loud several times.

It was a little hard to read at first since it was originally written for a screenplay, but I quickly got it down and didn’t even notice.

There are two more Trauma Junkie books by Tom Hobbs that I am looking forward to reading soon.


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