Graduation and Baby Making

Drumroll please……… my pinning ceremony is tonight! I remember at orientation a year ago they said that this year with go so fast. I had no clue. Maybe now I will have time to clean my house, spend time with family and friends. Speaking of friends, I will forever be the best of friends with the people in my class. We have helped each other through failed check-off to personal/family issues. I am so proud to be able to call every one of them my colleague.

I am not in desperate search for a job!

In other news, my cousin had the cutest, chubby cheeked little girl yesterday.


AND now my baby fever is in full drive! I had a preconception appointment scheduled for today but I had to reschedule it for next Friday 😦 I have been off my pill for two weeks tomorrow and still have not had a period. It makes me worry that I will have amenorrhea making it more difficult to conceive. Two weeks is really too early to tell, I am just very impatient.


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