Baby Makers

A while back the hubs and I had decided to start trying for a baby June 2013. The last few years we have been going to Red River, NM for vacation in June and we wanted to go once more before having a baby. We figured we would wait until after the trip because there is a mountain peak that I want to climb and there is low oxygen and its strenuous so we thought that would be safest. And then I started REALLY enjoying (LVN) nursing school and REALLY wanting to get my RN. So, we decided to put it off another couple of years so that I could go to school. That didn’t last long.

I am not sure what exactly changed my mind (again). It may have been my last birthday, maybe my cousins approaching due date, or my clinical rotation at Cook’s Children’s Hospital, or all of those events together. I tried to talk my husband into starting to try immediately but he didn’t go for that. His concern is my lack of a job, so I understand (sort of). We compromised and came up with starting to try as soon as I pass NCLEX and get a job. I graduate early December and will try to take the NCLEX as soon as possible. I figure it will be early to mid January when I can take the test. Then we will officially be baby makers. We pinky swore on it so it’s legit.

The hubs is SO scared! It’s kind of funny. He would prefer it come out about two years old. I wish I would have thought about taking his blood pressure when we were talking about it that night because I guarantee it was high. He is scared and expresses how scared he is, but since that night he talks about it almost every day and makes plans for vacations with our child and talks about how Bentley is going its best friend. He is going to be an awesome daddy.

I don’t think I could be any more excited. I joined Fertility Friend and bought a new thermometer to track my basal body temperature. I originally was not going to bother with the basal body temperature but I read that it is the only way to confirm ovulation. Since I have been on hormonal birth control for over 10 years, I am a little worried about my cycle returning to normal. I am hoping that tracking my BBT will confirm that for me. At my last annual appointment, I talked to my OB/GYN about getting pregnant and she told me to stop taking my pills a month or two before we wanted to start trying so today I started my last pack of birth control pills!

Hope to have one of these soon 🙂



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