Ok, I have to vent. I can’t fully vent on FB because of the people who are my friends on there. Today was a rough day. We had NGtube insertion check-offs and an exam. The exam started at 9:00 and then we had to be back in the classroom at 10:00. At 10:00am, our instructor gave us an assignment due by the end of the day. Well lunch was from 11:30 to 12:30, and at 12:30 we had to meet in the lab for our check-offs. Check-offs always take forever, so we basically had from 10:00 to 12:30 (if we worked through lunch, like I did) to do our assignment. We had to find an article on Foley catheter complications and how they could have been prevented or fixed. Well it took a full hour just to find the article. To say the least we were all stressed.

Let me back up to yesterday, our library has small laptops that can be checked out to be used in the library if all the computers are being used. Well two friends and myself went after class to work on an assignment and checked out one laptop each. The librarian asked for a school ID, so I pulled mine out and my two friends were digging for theirs when the librarian said that it was ok all three could be checked-out under my ID. So we got our laptops did our assignment and left. No problems, everything was good we didn’t have to print anything we were just working online.

Today, we went to find our article and write our paper in the library and went to the desk to check out three laptops (it was the same three of us). One of the librarians went to grab the laptops and the other librarian (we will just call her the bitch) came over to help. I handed my ID to her and said “you can just put them all on my ID”. The bitch said in a very rude manner that it was not allowed. One of the girls with me said that they let us do it yesterday and the bitch said “well that was yesterday and today is a different day”. I brushed it off at that point and asked how many laptops they had because our whole class was coming and would be needing a computer. She was very rude and just kept on that we could only check out one computer. At that point I wasn’t even talking about renting more than one computer, I was simply asking because I knew more people from out class would be needing one and asking where we got it. At some point I looked at the ladies name tag. I was just thinking who is this lady going off her rocker at us. Thats when it really got crazy. She asked “who is your teacher”, so I told her. She goes “if your going to report me, I’m going to report you”. Then I got defensive and asked her why she was going to report me. She just kept saying that it was because I wasn’t following the rules and that she worked at a hospital for however long and I would have to learn to follow the rules. For a little bit I kept trying to tell her that we didn’t know because the “rules” were different yesterday, but she just kept talking over me and wasn’t paying attention to a thing I was saying so I just walked off. The whole thing was pointless. After I finished my paper I went up there and was going to apologize to do some damage control and the bitch wasn’t there. So I apologized to the other lady there and told her I was sorry if I came off rude and that I didn’t mean to. She said that she didn’t think I was being rude. I went back and sat down and told my two friends that were there that I was going to have to go tell our teacher now because who knows what crazy lady was going to say.

Later we went to the lab to check-off on NGT insertion and I was pre-occupied with check-offs and so was she getting everyone ready so I decided to tell her when we were done but before we left. Well not long after we got to the lab, someone got ahold of my teacher and said that yesterday we were in the library demanding to be able to print something and today we were rude and a student went up to the bitch and asked her to spell her name (I never did such a thing). Anyhow my teacher, not knowing who they were talking about, got onto the entire class. As soon as she said to get back to work I went and asked if we could talk. We went outside and I told her the whole story. She hugged me and told me that the bitch is my superior and I should never argue because what our superiors say is what goes. So I didn’t get into a lot of trouble like I thought I was going too. Later she asked me to go print something from the library and she was being sarcastic and told me not to be rude and laughed and hugged me again. I think she believes me, because everyone who knows me knows that I am not the confrontational type and everyone is my friend.

My instructor said that I have to go apologize to her. I think I would rather eat poop.


One thought on “Venting

  1. that sucks!!! i’m not so good with authority…and i’m definitely not good at apologizing when I didn’t do anything wrong!! at least you can take comfort in knowing that she is a miserable lady!!

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