Baby Fever

This is day 2 of spring break and it is awesome!

Lately my baby fever has jumped up an notch, or several notches to tell the truth. And then I decide to tackle the 138 unread blog posts on my Google Reader and find out that one of my favorite bloggers, HGR is prego! I am so excited for her and at the same time so jealous. She is not the only news of pregnancy I have gotten in the last few days. Seems like something is in the water. Pass some this way, please. My husband is finally ready just as I start nursing school. What luck. Oh well it will happen, and soon enough 🙂 I though I would share some cute Pinterest baby stuff.

This will be how we let everyone know.

I will get the hubbs this ❤

Some cute pregnancy pictures:

I can’t wait to steal these picture ideas…


And I cannot wait to own these products 🙂

Pinterest just makes it so easy to obsess over things like this. I think the clouds are so cute, I want to make them for my room :p

Maybe there will be a special announcement by the end of the year… hmmm


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