For The Last 3 Weeks


Nursing student represent!

Time is flying! I cannot believe I have completed 3 weeks of school and that it has been that long since I wrote a post. I feel like my whole life has changed. All I do is retain and regurgitate information. I even dream about school! I really am having a blast though. There have been moments where I question my decision about nursing school but at the end of the day I know I am where I am supposed to be and I am so grateful for this opportunity.
This last week has been the most intense and the most exciting so far. We had our first skill check-off (G-tube feeding) and I got a 100%. Grading is a little different on check-offs. You get 2 tries for a grade. If you pass the first time you get 100%. If you don’t pass you have to try again but if you do the skill correctly you only get 50%. If you fail the second time you get a big fat zero. I tried to upload a video of me doing the G-tube feeding on a dummy but every time I try it freezes on me 😦
I got an 88% on my first major exam. Truthfully I was hoping for an A but that is passing and it’s kinda close to an A so I will take it. Speaking of grades the grading scale is a little different for nursing, a 74% will get you kicked out.

Also, we have a drug calculations test that we have to make 90% on this semester. We will have another one next semester that we have to make a 95% on. If we make less than that we will me kicked out from the program. It is nerve racking that one test can do that to us but I completely understand why it is that way. A drug dosage mistake can injure or be fatal to a patient. So it is very important.

We also found out our clinical assignments this week! I got an instructor that seems pretty strict but so far I am glad I got her and I am determined to use her strictness to make me a better nurse. For the first 6 weeks I will be at a nursing home here in the town where I live. For the second semester I will be at a hospital doing rotations in different departments. The hospital is about 45 min – an hour away. We will have to be there by 6:15 so that morning drive is going to suck, but we have been told that it is a great facility so that might make it worth it. I am really excited about clinicals and can’t wait to get started! We will have orientation on February 27th and our first day on March 5th πŸ™‚

Hopefully I can be more consistent about posting, and I will be back later for some updates πŸ™‚


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