My Heart

I have a story about how the heart became my favorite organ. It’s not a super interesting story just something that made a big enough impression on me to stay as a memory. I was in anatomy and physiology class at the time. I was also running several times a week. I was a fairly new runner (around 6 months), and I lived right on a river that had an awesome running trail.

So one day I was running along by myself (I like running by myself more than with someone else) and I stopped to take a break and walk a minute. And this was one of those great runs where my endorphins were just going crazy and I felt amazing. And for some unknown reason I felt my heart beating. I am not sure what my heart rate was but it was up there. My heart was just slaving away. Then I started imagining the heart pumping the blood through my veins. Tracing it through my body (to my toes) as I had learned in class. I was imagining everything from the valves opening and closing-to the gas exchange in my toes-to the gas exchange in my lungs and the path through the arteries and veins. And I don’t know but in that moment I was just astounded by how hard my heart working to keep me alive. And then I felt proud of what I was doing for it. I was taking care of it so it can take care of me.

Amazing I know.


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