Very Interesting Chart & My Day

Source: via Kenda on Pinterest


I found this chart today on Pinterest (where else?). <– I am not real sure if that is proper grammer… oh well 🙂 I stopped drinking soda for an entire year once. On most days I didn’t drink caffeine at all! I didn’t even miss it! Then one day almost a year ago, we were moving into our current apartment and my mother in law helped. We bought pizza for everyone and my MIL volunteered to bring drinks. Well all she brought was soda! So of course now I blame my current soda addiction on my MIL. Not really, It probably wouldn’t have hurt me to drink the unfiltered city tap water (yuck). I am just a little spoiled. Really though I was hot and tired from doing manual labor and a cold soda sounded good. Now I am back to drinking a soda a day. I keep telling myself (usually on the way to the soda machine) that tomorrow I will give up soda again. We. Will. See.

I am thinking about starting a vlog to document my nursing school adventure. I have been going back and forth on the idea for a big part of the day. On one side, I enjoy watching every one else’s channel on and think it has already helped me. On the other side, I hate how my voice sounds recorded. Not too long ago I answered my phone and the telemarketer asked if my mom or dad was home….no joke. So I am not totally sure what I am going to do yet. The way my voice sounds has always been something that has bothered me. It’s hard to be taken serious when you sound 12. I really do understand other people’s point of view. When I was younger I tried smoking to deepen my voice. One, it didn’t work. Two, it was just nasty and I felt nasty every time I smoked a cigarette. So yeah I am 28 and still sound 12….

I feel very wordy today. But I have one more thing to talk about, my day 🙂

I got so much done!

Dont make fun of my lazy eye! I have it in every picture.

1) I got CPR/BLS certified! For only $3 thanks to me working for the greatest company ever!

2) I went and exchanged a lab coat that I bought that was too short. Lesson learned: try everything on! I also bought two pairs of compression socks, that I am oddly excited about.

3) I got a bag of clothes dropped off at Good Will that was in my backseat for about 2 weeks. Don’t judge.

4) Talked to the Post 9/11 GI Bill genius on campus about how to get my school paid for.

5) Finished birthday shopping for my childhood bestie. I think she will love her gift!

6) Got gas.

7) Got a back/spinal screening done & passed!

8) Came home to find a $100 check in the mail. Highlight of the day.
(apparently an “8” followed directly with a “)” equals a smily face. I left it like that cause its kinda cute)

9) Drove back into town to the bank to deposit it.

And that my friends took ALL DAY!

I will leave you with a picture of my sweet sweet Riley poo pants.


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