Show Us Your Life– Show Us Your Pets

I love reading Kelly’s blog. We don’t have a whole lot in common but she is somehow very relatable. Her blog is one of the first blogs that I started following a few years back. She does these show us your life blog hops that are always really cool. I was SO excited to find out what this weeks topic was because it is about something that means so much to me, my pets.

I have three cats Thumper, Riley, and Shelby. They are totally like my kids. I had Thumper and Riley before I met my husband. I made sure he understood that we were a packaged deal. I was so relieved to find out that he loved cats too! He always say’s that when we buy a home we are going to have a kitty ranch. ha.

This is Thumper and this is probably my favorite picture of him! He has bed head! He is the oldest and will be 7 this December. He is very shy and skiddish. People joke that they don’t really know that we have a 3rd cat because he always runs and hides when we have company over. I had him since he was baby and he wasn’t always like that. I can’t re-call an instance that would have made him scared of other people. When it is just my husband and I home he is very friendly. I always says he yells at me because when he wants attention he will meow so loud you cannot ignore him!

This is Riley, we call him Ry Ry, Riley poo pants, or fatty magee. He will be 7 next April. He is our sweet baby. He will get in your lap and just purr like he has no care in the world! He will also lay on top of us when we are laying in bed. I have to admit that it gets a little annoying at times (like when we are trying to eat) but we still love him anyways. He was actually an ex-boyfriends but when I left the ex I took the cat. He never even asked for Riley so I know I did the right thing.

This is my hubby and Shelby when she was a baby. We call her baby girl or Shelby Marie. Shelby’s mom was a stray who would eat my Aunt’s cat’s food. One day she was on my Aunt’s porch eating when she had Shelby. When my cousin opened the door, the stray ran off and left Shelby (still in the umbilical sac) on the porch. My mom was over there and they took Shelby and cleaned her up, rubbed her tummy, and blew in her face until she started breathing! They saved her life! My aunt bottle fed her every two hours for a while and I would take her on the weekends. When she got to eating every four hours we took her for good. She will be three next May. She is seriously awesome. She plays fetch like a dog! She will bring you a toy, set it down, and look at you until you throw it. She will keep bringing it back for what seems like forever! She is such a ham, and the ladies at the vet’s office call her a diva lol. Here is a more recent one of them ❤

I could go on about my kitties forever. They are all very different and have their own personalities. We love them all so much, and we pray that everything will flow together seamlessly once we have a baby.

What kind of pet do you have?

How does your pet wake you up so they can eat or use the restroom?

–During the week I wake up at 4:30am and feed them first thing. On the weekends they let us sleep until about 6am, then they turn our bed into their personal boxing ring. They will chase each other across the bed and us until one of us gets up to go feed them.


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