My Early Birthday Present!!


I absolutely LOVE the new elliptical I got Sunday! The elliptical is a birthday present– even though my birthday isn’t until the 21st of this month. It’s my new best friend, and I have spent time with it everyday since Sunday. We are going out with some friends tonight and I’m kind of sad I will not be able to workout! I had gotten into a workout rut since I have not been able to run. I try to lift weights and do body resistance workouts but I just enjoy running way more. It feels so good to sweat as much as I do when I run and the elliptical makes me sweat up a storm. <– you would not have heard that from me 2 years ago. Oh and I had to edit the pictures so that you could not tell how bad I really look after 40 minutes on the elliptical 😉



2 thoughts on “My Early Birthday Present!!

  1. Fun!! My aunt gave me her stationary bike….and I’ve been doing that some. I get so bored with walking and I hardly ever go down to the gym at apartment…so this works out great!!

  2. Yeah I eventually want a stationary bike also. I had to choose because there is just not enough room in our apartment for both ha.

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