In the past few weeks I have learned some very useful tips on eggs!

1. To check how old an egg is place it in water that covers the egg completely. If the entire egg floats it is bad — throw it away. If one end floats it’s ok, it’s about three weeks old.

2. The fresher the egg –> the harder it is to peel.

3. You can add a pinch of salt to your water when you are going to hard boil eggs to make it easier to peel (something about the protein coagulating).

4. If you put your eggs in ice water right after they are done they will also be easier to peel.

My father-n-law keeps chickens so we get eggs every once in a while and it helps to know how to check them for freshness since they don’t come with an expiration date… Also, I work four – ten hour days and have to get up REALLY early in the mornings so I have started to boil four eggs and peel them so I can get that protein to help wake me up in the AM. Since eggs are a big part of my weekly diet, all the tips I can get are a huge help.


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