I have been neglecting my blog lately…

Truth is, I let myself get SO far behind in school work. I have 4 sociology assignments (3 of those are 1 page papers) and 9 forum posts due on Saturday morning, a film analysis essay due on Monday morning, and a sociology test to take after work on Monday. Thats after I turned in 3 sociology assignments yesterday…

I swear they give you way more work if you take online classes.

I promise to myself that I will not get behind again. I promise I promise.

But in other news my September Spending Freeze is going pretty good. I have not bought anything like clothes or any home decor or craft stuff. Where I am having problems is food. Of course, food is a necessity but not in the quantity that I buy it in. Eating out is still my problem area, and it got really bad once I realized I was so behind in school work.


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