Random Pictures From my Phone

I started craving apple butter after my post earlier so I made an apple butter and peanut butter toast 🙂


Another random thing– I also love the Natures Own 12 grain whole grain bread, I am going through a loaf a week by myself!

I live in The Fort Worth area of Texas an at work today we started noticing a haze all around. We think it was from all the fires, even though none of them are really close to us. It looked worse in person but you can see a discolored line just above the trees in the distance.


Ok, this next part stresses me out a little. I have tendonosis in my leg from running. It has been hurt for about 3 and a half months now. Every time I try to run it gets worse again. Friday I will have completed 4 weeks of physical therapy at 3 times a weeks. I have seen little to no improvement 😦 and I stopped running! On Friday , my therapist is going to do some tests and send the results back to my doctor. It stresses me out because I have invested a lot of time and money into my injury and I’m not really seeing results. The doctor said if there is still pain after physical therapy he would send me for a bone scan. I really don’t want to get one. The doctor and the therapist both said they didn’t think it was a stress fracture so I see no point in wasting my money.

Any who these ice packs freeze my leg off!


Have you had any problems bouncing back from an injury? Any tips?


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