The September Spending Freeze: My Rules, My Way

August has been a rough month for us. My husband and I are both in school and it is important to us to not have a lot of school debt, so we try our hardest to pay for tuition and books without using credit cards or taking out loans. So far we have been able to do just that without much problem, but this month we also had to buy a new battery for my husbands truck, a new air conditioner for my car (hello 105 degree Texas summer weather), and I am having to pay for physical therapy 3 times a week. So, like I said it’s been rough. On top of that, I will only get 8 more paychecks before Christmas!

When I came across Smart and Sassy with Sprinkles‘s post about a spending freeze challenge, I thought that it would be a great opportunity to make cutting back a little more fun and maybe get some support along the way.

So in this post I am going to lay out my ground rules. Over the last few days, I have thought long and hard about what I spend the most money on, what I am buying that is not necessary, and what exactly I can cut back on.

Ok, so here are some of my financial faults:

  • I buy way more clothes than I need.
  • I have a weakness for the $1 spots in Target and Michaels.
  • I am currently down to Starbucks once a week but I think I can decrease that especially since they just increased their prices.
  • I tend to start more craft projects than I can finish.
  • I get lazy about cooking during the week and opt for the quick drive thru meal.
  • I also have way more workout clothes than 3 people need.
  • I also buy groceries to “try” and they end up sitting in the pantry until they go bad.
I also used to have a problem with buying entirely too many workout DVD’s but then I found my mom’s endless supply to borrow and the many that Netflix has. I think there are probably enough workout videos through those two resources that I won’t have to worry about buying new ones at least through the end of the year!
So, I am basically going to go all out and cut out anything that is a non-necesity. I am going to allow myself:
  • Two Starbucks runs for the entire month (hey I can’t just go cold turkey there).
  • Two non-cooked meals per week (one is reserved for our favorite mexican breakfast we have every Sunday).
  • $30 for a pre-planned girls shopping trip to Sam Moon.
Everything else is off limits! I should probably try to figure out how to block from my computer.
I will not:
  • go to
  • go through the $1 spots in Target.
  • go to Michaels AT ALL.
  • go to Academy Sports and Outdoors AT ALL.
  • go to the grocery store without a pre-made list with all the weekly meals planned out.
  • veer off so said grocery list.
  • allow myself to be lazy about cooking during the week.
  • buy anything unless it is absolutely necessary.
So please pray for me and wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “The September Spending Freeze: My Rules, My Way

  1. You go girl! I think your rules are fabulous and totally doable! I have a feeling we’re all going to feel very good about our hard work at the end of the month 🙂 Best of luck, lets keep in touch for encouragement!

  2. Way to go! I can completely relate with being in school and things popping out of the blue that cost so much money. Can’t wait to see you save and encourage you along the way!

  3. love your rules! i am totally with you on the tuition and books, it’s soo hard! Especially with electricity bills half the amount of tuition in his hot texas heat! what part of texas do you live in? We are on the Fort Worth side. Good Luck and can’t wait to read about your updates on this!

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