Mud Run Workout

I have been wanting to do The Original Mud Run for almost a year now. I realized today its in less than 9 weeks! I seem to be doing well with my running. I did another mile on the treadmill today will barely any pain. I am going to need to build it up pretty quick. The mud run is about 6 miles. It’s not continuous running it is broken up into 30 obstacles. It not only challenges your endurance but your strength also. It will be so AWESOME!

The website offers some tips on exercises to do that will help with the run, and I have compiled them into a workout that I will be using in the following 9 weeks! I added the tricep dips on my own cause I’m a go getter like that 🙂


13 thoughts on “Mud Run Workout

  1. That looks like you need a lot of strength for it! Have you heard of the Tough Mudder? My friend was going to do it and I looked at the website and holy moly it looks HARD!

    Good luck with your mud run!

    • I heard about that for the first time a couple of months ago. It looks so intense! They will be back in my neck of the woods next March. That would be so cool to do!

  2. this sounds crazy! my little brother and i are (hopefully) going to be doing some mud/obstacle runs in october and i’m really excited. sounds like you’re doing some great training!

    found you thru fitness friday!

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