Physical Therapy

Today was my fourth session and I think its getting better, slowly but surely. I go and basically work my legs from the hips down for about 45 minutes. I am strengthening the muscles in my leg and foot to be able to control my over-pronation. After that, the therapists does a technique called Trigger point release and then ices my leg. The Trigger point release is where the therapists uses a tool to apply pressure to knots in my muscle. Below is a picture of my leg after therapy. Ouchie!

It gets real sore for a few hours after therapy but after that initial pain from therapy it seems to be getting gradually better. I have learned a lot from the therapist on how to pick out shoes for running. So when I get back to running, hopefully that will help me prevent some injuries.

I am super excited about training again. I think my first run back is going to be The Original Mud Run in late October.


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